That's the Spirit

We are experts in getting the word on the street, talking to real people, learning about their lives, their relationships with people, brands, technologies, and trends.

We believe in personal conversations, based on mutual trust and seeing eye-to-eye, as way to generate true insights. We combine this with our proven skills in delivering results on a strategic level, which drive your business forward. 

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A whole lot of experience

Combined we have 30 years of experience working with major players in FMCG, Tech, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Fashion and more.

Our expertise lies in the German, EU, UK and US markets, yet with a wealth of experience in synthesising data from markets around the world. 


Years of experience





What we offer

Each project is unique and tailor-made to your needs. Whether it be innovation, product development, concept / product / ad testing, usability testing – we will work with you to put together the right methodological mix. 

Baseline or foundational research

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generating insights with consumers/users/experts to understand their needs, preferences, and behaviour as well as movement and trends in the category

Focus Group

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bringing people together in an interactive environment to explore and evaluate categories, products and concepts. We use a wealth of creative techniques to really get people talking

In-Depth Interviews

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one-to-one interviews to gain a deep understanding of the consumer’s thoughts and feelings

Ethnographic Research

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from play at home to contextual enquiry in the workplace, we observe people in their natural environments the get the closest to real-life insights.

UX, Usability Testing

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using both offline and remote methods to drive development of new websites/apps/products

Competitive Analysis/Desk Research

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analysing the competitive landscape and local market to help you find the opening to new, fertile ground

Image Research

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what is the profile of your brand currently? How has it changed, where is the hidden potential and what lies in the future?  We will help you to develop strategies to strengthen and develop your brand image

Do you have a burning question you need answers to right away?

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Our ‘Hot Take’ approach utilizes our expertise in the German or UK markets to get an immediate read on your idea or problem. A mixture of our own knowledge, desk research and expert opinion delivered in 48 hrs.

We are Rooftop Research

a ‘klein UND fein’ Berlin-based agency with a personal touch for your full-service and freelance needs. Outside of work we are passionate foodies, curious travellers, 90’s dancers and nature-lovers. Dad jokes are free. 

Our mission is to work closely with you to get the insights you need to see a clear pathway to success.

Image of Katrin and Paul sitting on Rooftop
Image of Katrin Krüger

Katrin Krüger

A native German (also fluent in English) Katrin is an expert moderator, empowering participants to understand and express themselves, ensuring no one is left behind and no stone is left unturned. Very much at home leading complex research designs and taking this through to analysis with a particular clarity of vision that makes for impactful insights and recommendations.


Paul Thomas

A native Brit (also fluent in German) Paul is a charismatic moderator, a visionary thinker and no-nonsense analyst. Engaging respondents from all backgrounds with a welcoming and empathic approach and turning these learnings into hands-on recommendations.

Image of Paul Thomas